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The Final Time Prophecy

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This book contains a "Time Prophecy" from the Bibles book of Daniel that, worded similarly to the 70 week prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27, which gave the year of Christ's first coming, gives the year that the End Times began, and the year of His Return. In this little 80 page book, The Final Time Prophecy you will find the faith strengthening assurance of Christ's soon return... Read More

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End Time Sensationalism, an article that covers Daniel 9:24-27 and Matthew 24. A must read. You will be amazed by this article. It is followed up by a complete study of Matthew 24 in the article, Signs of the End of the Age.

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Could Jesus Return in 2026?

Could it be, that the year of Christ's first coming was predicted by an ancient prophecy?

And, could that same Prophet have predicted the year of Messiahs return?

This is a proven and accepted fact by most all scholars, that yes, the year of Christ's first coming was indeed predicted. It was predicted by the prophet, Daniel, who was held captive in Babylon, 500 years before the first coming of Messiah.

As sure as Daniel was given the year of Christ's first coming, he was also given the year of his return in a similarly worded prophecy, The Final Time Prophecy.

This is called, The Final Time Prophecy, because it is the only prophecy which gives a time, is yet to be fulfilled, and leads right up to the very year of Christ's return.

2026 is the year that this time prophecy points to, and it is the year of Christ's return.

More, and more people are beginning to realize that Daniel's ancient prophecy, The Final Time Prophecy, given while in captivity in Babylon over 2500 years ago, points to 2026 as the year that Messiah will return as a triumphant King.

Once you read this book, The Final Time Prophecy, you too, will have the faith strengthening assurance of Christ's soon return.

In the times of the end, it is said that scoffers will ask, "where is the sign of this coming he promised?" 2 Peter 3:4

Where will you look for the answer?

It's in the bible!

Get, The Final Time Prophecy, today!

Return for the soon to come article, The Eucharist, and The Nature of Man.

End Times Article

The end of times is now, according to a time prophecy from the bible. In the book of Daniel there are two prophecies that give time periods. One of these prophecies gave the very year of Christ's first coming, and it is the 70 week prophecy of Daniel, recorded in chapter 9:24-27.

If you need to better understand this very famous time prophecy, please watch the video, “70 Week Prophecy of Daniel”.

The other time prophecy is in answer to Daniels question, in Dan. 12:8, “when is the end of these things?” (speaking of the afore mentioned events of Chapter 11, most of which have been fulfilled). The answer was given.

This end time prophecy which gives the times that the “end times” began, and the "end of time (resurrection, return of Christ)”, is worded similarly to the 70 week prophecy which gave the very year of Christ's first coming. The key to that 70 week prophecy was understanding the event that set it in motion, the decree to rebuild Jerusalem. The same applies to this, the Final Time Prophecy. Once you understand the event that set it in motion, you'll understand this Final Time Prophecy of Daniel.

In the book, "The Final Time Prophecy”, DW Miller shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what event sent this 1335 day (year) prophecy of Daniel 12:11,12 in motion, and subsequently when it ends.

All those other so called prophets, who have set dates that they believed the world was to end, that have used Nostradamus, or the Mayans, or the Hebrew feast, or any other means to claim a year for Christ's return and the end of the world, could never be correct. Never. Only God knows the times, and these times were given to his prophets. Apart from his direct word, no man can know anything of God.

There is a famous verse from Matthew 24:36 that people often send to this ministry claiming that the year of Christ's return can not be known, but I assure you that Matthew 24:36 says no such thing. Also, no one knew the day or hour of Christ's first coming, but as we now know the year was clearly given.

Just as the year of Christ's first coming was given to his people, via the mouth of his prophets, God has given the year of his return to Daniel his prophet to warn the world and those who await his return of his soon return, so that we are not surprised on that day. Christ's return is only "like a thief in the night" for those who do not remain vigilant. Be sure to read, 1 Thessalonians 5:4, "But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day would overtake you like a thief".

Are you a vigilant Christian?

Do you await our loving, righteous, just, merciful Lords return?

How can you not, in a world full of sin, pain and sorrow?

Do get this book today and have, not just an assurance of Christ's return as we all know he will return, but an assurance of his very soon return. There's less that 13 years until the year of Christ's return, as given in this Final Time Prophecy from the book of Daniel.

Be Blessed!

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Dark Sentences

Dark Sentences LogoHere is the infamous verse that causes many sensationalist babblers to believe that Dark Sentences is a sinister attribute of the Antichrist, or simply that it has a sinister connotation.

TIP #1:  The verse speaks of the afore mentioned kingdom, Greece, not some end time kingdom. Notice...

Daniel 8:23 "And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up."

Many babblers have twisted this scripture by misquoting it, or misrepresenting it in the following ways; "King of dark sentences", and "(he) will speak dark sentences", or "speaking dark sentences", and so on.

These babblers simply do not understand the verse itself, or know of whom it speaks. But, that is a whole other topic, which I will address in a later article. I can say this though, if they knew either of whom it speaks, or of what is meant to "understand dark sentences", they could understand much more.

Let's just read this verse again, carefully, and attempt to make some sense...

Continue to the full article, Dark Sentences. You will be amazed, guaranteed!

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